A Healthy Circulation

Online ride-sharing firm Uber has certainly taken its lumps lately – not undeservedly, by the way. Now its board is scrambling to replace the company’s ousted CEO and fix the tarnished Uber brand.

But, in a bit of good news, a company that uses Uber software to transport Medicaid patients to non-emergency medical appointments has taken off. The firm, Circulation, which is less than a year old, announced in late July that it had raised $9.5 million to expand its service.

For many patients the link between access to transportation and receiving proper healthcare is sketchy at best. In fact, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments annually because they don’t own cars or can’t use public transportation.

Health plans and providers, which typically issue transportation vouchers to patients, can now arrange rides online using Circulation’s app, which hails the nearest Uber driver. In fact, the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities using Circulation has risen to 1,000 nationwide.

According to Circulation, its service reduces transportation costs by up to 70% for health providers, reduces wait times for patients, and expands their access to healthcare.

So, all hail Circulation. These days, cutting costs while improving patient outcomes is just what the doctor ordered. MORE Advertising has had the opportunity to work on campaigns with a similar mission, so we’re totally onboard with this innovative service.