Oh, have we got a story for you!
And we’ve put it all in our special 20th Anniversary video:


Wow!  Has it really been 20 years?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Donna opened the doors — with just a computer and a ginormous Rolodex? Judi came aboard early on, with the firm intention of working part time. Yet, before she knew it, Judi was putting in 40-, 50-, 60-hour weeks – and loving every second!  (See, there’s this thing with Donna’s boundless energy and irrepressible powers of persuasion.)

So, the agency just kept growing! We evolved into the ideal size for being super flexible and responsive to clients. We got crazy good at turning on-a-dime, adjusting to trends in demographics, marketing and technology. (And, yes, to that mind-blowing game-changer called the Web.)

While dealing with – and creating – change, we actually found some things that remain constant. For instance, we encountered the breathtaking power of raw emotion. We learned first hand that human emotions are the #1 driver of decisions, attitudes and behaviors. Who knew?

In fact, we have a name for our custom of tapping into audience emotions. We call it HeartShareSM.  We build it into every marketing strategy. And you better believe, seeing it at work is a thing of beauty. Which is why we just love doing it.

And thanks for being a part of the ongoing  MORE story!

Donna and Judi

Donna Latson Gittens and Judith C. Haber of MORE Advertising