An Invitation to Stop Gun Violence

President Trump and 300 members of Congress received an invitation in December with a stark, in-your-face message, “RSVP, Before Another Mass Shooting.”

Sent by Stop Handgun Violence, a Massachusetts-based gun control group, the invitation featured graphic photos from the Las Vegas massacre in October that killed 58 and wounded more than 500.

The “invitation” offered two starkly different response options: vote for background checks and a ban on assault weapons, OR put NRA “blood money above American lives.”

A caption reading, “When you RSVP imagine these are your kids” accompanied a gruesome, close-up image of slain concertgoers.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, organization co-founder John Rosenthal said, “The photographs are certainly shocking, but nothing close to the reality of the death and mayhem and pain caused by the real events.” Mr. Rosenthal’s group had long presented provocative, eye-catching gun control messages on large billboards overhanging the Mass Pike near Fenway Park and Kenmore Square.

The silence in Congress to gun violence is deafening.  Unfortunately, it’s also deadly.

MORE Advertising is pleased that Massachusetts has the strongest gun control legislation in the country. But it’s not a source of chest-thumping pride. We’d prefer to see other states either match or exceed our regulations. It’s a goal well worth shooting for.