Harvard Business School Makes a Strong Case for Black Entrepreneurs

Over the past few decades, Harvard Business School (HBS) has published more than ten thousand highly influential case studies about business management and entrepreneurship.

Senior HBS lecturer Steve Rogers says, however, that there’s a serious lack of case studies covering African-American executives and entrepreneurs. While nine percent of the US firms are now black-owned, less than one percent of the HBS case studies feature African-American businesses.

Rogers has written over a dozen case studies featuring black executives in decision-making roles, according to a February 11 article in the Boston Globe. And he’s encouraging his fellow faculty to do the same.

He recently wrote a case study about Linda Johnson Rice and her decision in 2016 to sell Ebony magazine, a publication launched by her father. Other featured African-American entrepreneurs include HBS alumni Corey Thomas, who led his cyber security firm, Rapid7, to a successful IPO in 2015, Starr Cunningham, founder of digital device company, 4D Healthware, and John Rogers, Jr., founder of Ariel Investments, the largest black-owned asset management firm in America.

As a minority female-owned agency, MORE applauds the HBS initiative and others that showcase diversity in business and the proven successes of black executives.