Love, Friendship ‘n Guns: Adweek’s Best Ads of 2015

Social marketing campaigns and heartstring-tugging product commercials held several spots in Adweek’s recent roundup of “The 10 Best Ads of 2015.” Spoiler Alert: We double dare you to keep from smiling or connecting emotionally with the spots. (We couldn’t.)

  • In “Love Has No Labels,” The Ad Council used a public venue to showcase the diversity of love. The spot mixes joyous, unscripted crowd reactions with real people “talent” to create a beautiful video short.
  • While we’re not in the business of promoting cat videos, it’s hard not to like the campaign for Android called “Friends Fur Ever” that uses clips of odd animal friends in full frolic.
  • A gun control group created a prank video – “Gun Store” – in which unsuspecting customers (again, real people) entered a new store for “1st Time Gun Buyers.” The customers’ main rationale for buying guns, e.g., protection and security, was quickly and shockingly dispelled.
  • From the people who brought you “Just Do It,” Nike produced a fun, fast-paced video short, “Short a Guy,” in which an everyday kid joins a series of pick-up games with real sports athletes.


Hope you like. And, please, let’s all do whatever we can to have a happy, peaceful 2016.