MA Anti-Stigma Campaign Cited as a Model for U.S.

People suffering with opioid addiction face numerous, overwhelming barriers to getting the treatment they desperately need. But, sad to say, among the most difficult obstacles is us!

Too many members of the general public hold deeply felt, hard-to-break biases and prejudices about opioid addiction. “No one asked them to stick a needle in their arms!”  “It’s a moral failure.” “They’re nothing but junkies.” Or worse.

The truth, of course, is quite different. Addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease. MORE Advertising has repeated these actual facts in multiple #StateWithoutStigma awareness campaigns for the Commonwealth.

While the stigma persists, the message seems to be gaining traction in this difficult, emotionally charged narrative.  In a January 22, 2018 Boston Globe Op-ed column, How to fight the opioid epidemic, opinion writer Raymond V. Tamasi cited the state’s anti-stigma campaigns, along with those in New Jersey, as two models that should be scaled nationwide.

As an agency, we’re very proud to do our part for the anti-stigma cause. Nonetheless, we look forward to the day when these types of campaigns are no longer needed.