MORE About Anna Marie

Originally from Baltimore, Anna Marie is the newest member of MORE, joining the team back in January of 2016. Learn more about our funny, energetic, and most of all hard-working Account Executive below.

Did you have a nickname growing up?

My nickname growing up stuck with me and my family still calls me Rie! My Dad started it. He also gave me the name cue ball because I didn’t have hair until, oh, about 3.

What was your favorite part of your Honeymoon in Italy?

Oooh! My favorite part of Italy? Oh no…how do I pick?! Can I do 2? The first was climbing to the top of the Duomo in Florence. You’re navigating this tiny, tiny staircase walking one-by-one and we finally reach what we thought was the top. Turns out there’s another dome on top of the first. The view was worth it!

Who was the last person you followed on social media?

Let me see…I just added someone to Instagram, an artist from London, @Kellie_and_pete. He draws sketches about being married, and they are hilarious – sometimes crude – but hilarious.

What do you miss most about Maryland?

I would say I miss a lot of the neighborhoods in Baltimore – Mount Vernon is where I lived for a while and I miss it the most!

What is your favorite non-client related thing about working at MORE?

Oh, this is fun! I like when we hit the gong and celebrate when we win business. It’s so motivating! And the theme birthday parties are pretty awesome.