MORE About Bob

With more than 25 years of advertising experience under his belt, Bob has seen it all. Learn a little more about our favorite pun-loving senior copywriter below.

Favorite odd job you’ve done over the years?
My favorite job was being the guy who changes the marquee at hometown movie theater. I was essentially paid in popcorn!

John Snow, Kaleesi, or Cersei for ruler of Westeros?
John Snow. Well wait a minute…can it be him and Kaleesi?

What’s your go-to meal when Barb is out of town?
Usually an overpriced Whole Foods salad.

The first thing you do when you get home from work?
Go right to the fridge and engage in tension eating.

Favorite MORE Campaign or project you’ve worked on?
Oh gosh, #MyFirstChoice, it’s got to be. Because it engaged the audience more than any campaign I’ve worked on.


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