MORE About Jill

Meet Jill: our incredibly creative assistant art director who makes sure that everything coming out from our design department is superb. Get to know a little more about her below.

Favorite Font Type?
Oh…..hmmmm….I guess Gotham right now. It has as nice suite of varying widths.

What’s your go-to website for design inspiration?
For inspiration or to buy things? Probably HomeGoods to buy stuff I didn’t know I needed…. I watch HGTV incessantly so I’m always getting ideas. I love designing spaces in addition to graphic design. Pinterest is where I keep it all organized. It’s easy to fall into the black hole of clicking through boards. is also fun for when you don’t know what you are looking for.

What do you think will be the Pantone color of the year for 2018?
Ooh, I am really into Emerald right now, love that color. But they’re already had that. They’ve been trending more pastel lately but I’d like to see them go a little bolder, like a bright magenta.

Last TV show you binge-watched?
Binged? It would have to be The Crown on Netflix and Beachfront Bargain Hunt. But I can easily turn on a movie that’s already halfway through and start watching.

What is a memorable/favorite product or ad you’ve seen over the past year?
…hmmmm….this is hard….I think the Budweiser Folds of Honor did a really nice ad for the 4th. The ads featuring Elizabeth Banks have been great, as well as the Ty Burrell ads for Gain. Both are a nice extension of roles they’ve played in the past. But the Yoplait Mom-on is the best this year.

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