MORE About Lisa

Lisa is MORE’s Jack-of-all-trades! Video and radio producer, account executive, creative guru, she just does it all, and so very well. Get to learn a little more about her below.

Who were you in a previous life?

I’m not sure I want to have had a previous life. Women have not had the best experiences in the past. Except for the Greek goddesses I would be Eos, the goddess of dawn. That way I get to wake everybody up every day.

In what movie would you have loved to be the lead actress?

I’d be Sandy in “Grease.” She got to wear that awesome outfit in the finale and dance with John Travolta!

What is definitely not on your bucket list, and why?

Not on my list would be anything to do with heights! Skydiving, rock climbing, bridge painting?  No thanks!

From your days at Channel 5, what was your favorite Chronicle segment that you worked on?

My first “Main Streets and Back Roads” show for Chronicle was shot at Moosehead Lake in Maine. I interviewed Sky King Folsom, who flew an old biplane. He took the crew and me up for aerial shots of the foliage. The cameraman, Cal, said we needed to take the doors off the plane to get the shots. We did that and when Cal leaned out of the plane he said to me, “Okay Lisa, you have to grab my belt and make sure I don’t fall out!” And that’s what I did! We got beautiful footage of red, orange and yellow trees reflecting on the lake. But what an experience! We later went white river rafting and I got back at Cal by making him wear a bright red wet suit all day!

What is the most memorable video you’ve produced while at MORE?

I’ll never forget the people I met while working on the videos for MOVA about the trauma caused by the Boston Marathon bombings. The survivors, such brave people, some of them young, shared the horror and fear, but also showed a resolve to heal I’ve not seen often in my life. Some cried. I did too. Their stories will stay with me forever.

BONUS: What is your all time favorite Jeopardy category?

I really rock (humbly) at history and geography questions, so it’s definitely those.