MORE About Meg

Meg is MORE’s wonderful, wise, and delightful Account Services Manager. She’s the warm, pleasant face that greets visitors to the agency, and the first live voice usually heard by callers — saving them gallantly from the dreaded voicemail vortex.

What is the most fun thing you’ve ever done, outside of work, of course?

One of my greatest memories is the pilgrimage I made to Texas, where I saw Brave Combo, my all-time favorite polka band.

What three things could you absolutely not live without?

First is my beloved dog, Gus. Second, my collection of polka CDs. And last by not least, my Kindle.

What’s your favorite dish to make (and the recipe)?

Not many people know this, but my favorite dish is cheese-topped steak. I use Gorgonzola cheese, bacon bits, toasted pine nuts, and fresh thyme as a topping on a petit sirloin steak. (There’s more, but I’m not telling!)

Who is your favorite actress and actor, and which of their movies did you like the most?

My favorite actress is Joan Cusack, who stole the show in the movie, In and Out. Clint Eastwood would be my favorite actor, and my favorite movie is one of his lesser known, Bronco Billy, with Gran Torino a close second.

What’s your favorite hobby?

It’s kind of a toss-up. I love baking, singing in a choir, and of course Polka dancing.