MORE About Megan

When she’s not running in and out of the office for client meetings, Megan holds down the fort at MORE as Account Supervisor. Read on to learn more about Megan.

Your favorite bachelorette contestant so far?
So far…for me or for Rachel? For me, I’m most attracted to Peter with the plaid jacket. For Rachel, she seemed more conceited than I originally thought so I’m not sure who I’d want her to end up with.

Last movie you saw?
The last movie I saw…. had fifty and darker in the title, but the last real movie I watched was Fences – absolutely loved it.

How many countries have you been to?
Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, South Africa, Botswana…does being in the Dubai airport count? Did I say France? That was the first real distant country I went to.

How’d you come up with the name Goblin for your cat?
I inherited Goblin from my sister. Goblin was her given name when she was adopted. She’s the light of my life.

Best/most memorable ad you’ve seen over the past year?
I think the most memorable ad was GE’s about treating scientists like celebrities – what the world would look like if we appreciated women scientists like we do Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.

Another favorite is the Hallmark ad of the daughter who got a tattoo of her mom’s signature. I was bawling.

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