Not using video? You’re kidding, right?

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to question your marketing skills. But seriously – there’s no video in your marketing mix?

Okay, let me guess: you’re concerned about the expense of video production, or the demands it makes on your time, or its return on the investment. Or maybe all of the above.

Okay, I get it. But maybe it’s been awhile since you used or even considered video. Trust me, things have changed. Production costs and turnaround times have come down. Plus, you can measure a video’s performance much more than counting “views.” You can see how people interact with online video, how they comment, where they go from there, their conversion rates for offers, and so much more. It’s crazy.

And by the way, video may just be the most versatile arrow in your marketing quiver. Here are a few examples:

  • Videotape a customer talking about your company or product. Not only do you get a client testimonial, this is a great way to see what customers really think about your brand. They invariably offer unique, fresh perspectives.
  • Videotape a “How-To” demo. People today are pretty savvy about marketing – in fact, many would say they hate it. BUT, they will readily accept information that’s useful to their jobs. Use a 2-minute video to answer common questions about your product. Explain a procedure, or show a new application. Then invite feedback. Start a dialog!
  • Introduce your company’s people and culture. Believe it or not, customers like to know who’s actually making their product. Use video to put a human face on your company.
  • Generate traffic at trade shows. People are always attracted to video at shows and events (in addition to the freebies). Give them a reason to stop at your booth and here your story.
  • Use video to improve click-through rates for email. Forrester says you can generate 2-3 times typical email response with video. Or, you can create innovative, super-short videos yourself, on your smartphone, using Twitter’s Vine application and Video on Instagram.

Not to get all science-y on you, but there’s also research that says video draws far more attention than other types of marketing. Videos featuring real people are especially effective. Evidently, we humans are wired to look at other human faces in videos (and cats, but let’s not go there.) We also like to listen to real voices (versus the ones in our head) and track human motion and body language. It lends more believability to the information.

There’s a lot more to say about the power of video marketing, but I’ll spare you … for now. But, really, enough already with the excuses. Do yourself a big favor and get some video into your marketing. It’s good for your company. Good for your brand. Good for you!

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