Real Beauty … or Body Shaming?

Dove, a global personal care masterbrand, recently released an ad campaign for its limited edition body wash in bottles that symbolically represent six different body shapes.

The “Real Beauty Bottles” spots, produced by Ogilvy London, were designed, according to Dove, to celebrate “real women”, “real beauty” and different ages, shapes, and ethnicities.

Launched in Canada in February 2017, the Dove spots were generally well received. Not so much in the U.S., though. Social media in the states erupted this month with various parts indignation and sardonic sniping.

“Glad to see Mrs. Potts finally has body type representation in the media,” said one tweet.  “It’s like Dove…saying ‘Other people call you fat. Not me!’ said a ticked off tweeter. “Just stop it!” pleaded another.

Dove has long championed a diverse and inclusive perspective of female beauty.  But their latest effort seems to be getting under the skin of their U.S. customers.

So, what do you think? Is the Dove bottle campaign a real beauty … or a beast?