The Heart of the Matter

If it seems like MORE blogs are focused on heart-rending stories, you’re right! But guess what? This one is too! Only this story tugs at your heartstrings both figuratively and literally.

A Huffington Post article trending on social media starts out at a beautiful, outdoor wedding on a gorgeous day. (The heart is already beating a bit harder, right?) The bride, Becky, groom, Kelly, bridal party, friends, and family are all gathered here today (actually, in an Alaskan meadow earlier this July). Just as vows are about to be exchanged, in strides a gentleman who no one knows.

Our intruder, however, is no wannabee wedding crasher. His name is Jacob and he’s an incredibly special guest. Jacob is the recipient of a new heart – a donation from the bride’s deceased son.

Kelly, the bridegroom, was the one person who did know what was happening. He had secretly located Jacob and arranged to have him flown in for the wedding.

Words fail to describe the emotions flowing between the bride and the owner of her son’s heart.  But the photos do a pretty good job. My personal favorite is when Becky puts a stethoscope Jacob’s chest to listen to her son’s heartbeat. I get choked up even writing about it.

Scenes like this are made possible through organ donation – the generous gifting of life through transplanted organs and tissues. In fact, one donor could save the lives of up to eight people!

Here at MORE, we’ve had the privilege of promoting organ donation on several occasions. The most recent campaign for the New England Organ Bank uses the tagline, “You’re never too old. Be an organ donor.”

If you or a family member is not yet registered as an organ donor, visit The enrollment process is fast and easy and your registration is valid until you choose to make changes.

Needless to say, if ever MORE did work that came straight from the heart, this was it.