You Be The Judge

If you’re a mom, or a woman, or, heck, any sentient human being, you should get a chuckle from Yoplait’s latest campaign. Besides pitching its yogurt, General Mills’ Yoplait uses its spots to tackle a sensitive social and family issue – the shaming and judging of moms.

“Yoplait is promoting the idea of not putting moms down,” says Jessica Wohl in AdAge.

Modern moms have a tough job – and often more than one. If they work and pursue a career, they’re neglecting their kids. If they stay at home, they’re not fulfilling their true potential in the workplace.

Public breastfeeding? Childrearing techniques? Food choices? Regardless of the choice, moms can often expect to be judged and chastened. Talk about a guilt trip!

Doesn’t sound like ideal material for laughs, does it? Yoplait is hoping, however, that they’ve pulled it off and boosted yogurt sales in the process. A series of diverse moms in Yoplait videos take society’s cavalier criticism head on, with a wry smile and a nice dash of attitude.

At the end of the TV spots, the moms savor a tasty Yoplait – guilt-free, of course. Judge for yourself. Does the campaign work for you?